A humble beginning started in the year 2000 in a sapling shape & with advent of time it has grown to become the largest Private Hospital in India catering to exclusive ENT problems providing comprehensive world class services under one roof.Jain ENT Hospital is a 30 bedded super specialty hospital with ICU, six modular OT’s, private, semi private & general wards with a team of doctors Innovative step was taken long back & a plan chalked out to initiate distant health care programme for ENT & Head & Neck cancer by providing dedicated mobile medical units to conduct camps in Rajasthan & neighbouring states and in a decade’s time over 5000 free camps have been organized benefitting more than 15 lac patients from the poor and weaker sections of the society.Our motto is commitment to provide Quality & cost effective treatment and patient care ensuring timely, efficient services & continuous improvement in Quality Management System. Our hospital keeps abreast of the latest advance in medical technologies & provides education for staff, patients & the community. We work in association with health care providers and agencies.
Few of our achievements are keeping us to the first in Rajasthan in pursuit of excellence-
• First centre to successfully Perform Cochlear Implant in Rajasthan and since then maximum number of Cochlear Implant surgeries have been done in Rajasthan using implants of all companies.
• Acquiring for the first time in Rajasthan- Computerized Image Guided System for FESS and more than 1500 FESS & skull based surgeries have been done with this system.
• Acquiring advanced Lumenus Co2 Laser system from Israel- first in Rajasthan. This System is ideal for many surgeries in ENT particularly stapedectomies (more than 3000 performed with success rate of more than 99%) and Microlaryngeal surgeries for benign as well as malignant lesions.This has revolutionized treatment outcome in ENT surgeries.
• Karl Storz High Definition Camera system giving the best image in E.S.S’s.
• Using first in Rajasthan innovative technology of Interlay Tympanoplasty for TM perforations giving success rate of 99 %. Routine surgeries for unsafe ear’s like Intact CanalTympano Mastoid surgeries with cartilage ossiculoplastiesbeing done regularly.We have performed record 30000 such successful surgeries so far.
Jain ENT Hospital has been in the forefront of latest technology in ENT in Rajasthan. Over 200 major skull base surgeries for tumors of Anterior & Lateral skull base including Pituitary tumors, meningiomas, extensive angiofibromas extending intracranially, acoustic neuromas, glomus jugulare tumors,etc. have been performed successfully.we have been regularly doing Head & Neck cancer surgeries and so far over 3000 major Head & neck Cancer surgeries including a spectrum of voice conservation surgeries & reconstructions using free flap have been successfully done.
To sum up Hospital has always been involved in academic activities and has been in forefront of organising hands on training courses, workshops, seminars & conferences from time to time.