Basic Amenities & Backup

Private/Semiprivate Rooms
5 Private and Semi Private Deluxe Rooms having facility of AC, Refrigerator, T.V.,Telephone,Attached toilets etc.

General/ Recovery wards
Air cooled general wards (Separate Male/Female) and recovery ward with T.V.,Telephone etc.

A one of its kind 125 seats capacity Dr. ABR Desai auditorium. Auditorium is acoustically treated and has permanent audio-visual setup with operation theatres.

• 24 hours emergency
• Fully equipped ambulance
• CT Scan-outsourced
• 24 hours canteen
• Aqua guard cooled water
• Centralized Computer Billing system
• Automatic Generator/UPS
• STD/PCO facilities
• 24 hours medical store